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Once the work has been completed, the student will submit the PhD thesis as the initial step prior to its defence and assessment.

  General requirements for the submission of PhD thesis

At the time of depositing the PhD thesis for defence, the PhD student must:

  1. Be registered for academic supervision for the relevant academic year.
  2. Have obtained a positive assessment in the annual monitoring of the Research plan and in the PhD student’s activity document in the round immediately prior to the date of submission,
  3. Be within the deadlines established in the applicable study period
  4. Be up to date with the payment of public fees for the academic supervision of the PhD thesis.

General documentation for the submission of PhD thesis

As a general rule, the PhD student must submit the following documentation and electronic resources to the University Registry:

  1. Submission authorisation form issued by the programme’s academic committee (signed by the Chair of the academic committee), with a favourable report from the supervisor(s) and tutor: T03 - Submission of PhD thesis

  2. A copy of the thesis in electronic format

  3. A brief summary in electronic format for inclusion in the TESEO database.

  4. Authorship statement for the incorporation of the thesis into the institutional repository of the University of Seville. T01- Declaration of incorporation of the thesis into the repository of scientific production for its incorporation into the repository of scientific production of the Univ. Seville

  5. T17 - Statement signed by the PhD student stating that they are submitting original research work and that they guarantee, under their sole responsibility, that they are not committing academic fraud or any irregularities in the exercise of their research.

  6. T18 - Report from the PhD thesis supervisor on the student’s compliance with their duty to avoid academic fraud and irregularities in the exercise of research

  7. Additional documents, if any, required by the PhD programme for the authorisation of submission of the thesis.

  8. Specific documentation required depending on the type of PhD thesis. (see next section)

Specific documentation for the submission of PhD thesis

Thesis by compendium of publications:

  • T03B - Submission of PhD thesis by compendium of publications.

  • Full copy of the publications, stating the name and affiliation of the author and all co-authors, if any, as well as the full reference of the media or publishing houses where the works have been published or accepted for publication. In the latter case, proof of acceptance by the editor of the medium or publishing house that has accepted them must be provided.

  • The report of the thesis supervisor and tutor referred to in section 1 of art. 64 of the regulations.

  • Written acceptance by the co-authors, if any, of the submission of the work as part of the PhD thesis.

  • The waiver of persons who share the authorship of the work who are not PhD graduates of their right to submit the work as part of another PhD thesis or theses.

Theses subject to confidentiality procedures.

  • T02 - Request for confidentiality of PhD thesis
  • Two copies of the thesis in electronic format, one which must reproduce the full content of the PhD thesis, while the other must contain a version in which the content considered confidential has been removed.

Theses that qualify for the mention “International PhD” in the PhD degree.

  • T04 - Request for “International Mention” in the PhD degree together with the certification, issued by the higher education institutions or research centres, of having carried out the placements required to qualify for the mention. The certificate must indicate the start and end dates of the placement, as well as the placement supervisors

Theses that qualify for the mention “Industrial PhD”.