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Admission procedure

To access a PhD programme you must:

  • Meet the general entry requirements. Students with a university degree obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems, outside the EHEA, will have to request authorisation from the University of Seville before applying for admission, by means of a standard form together with the certificate of accreditation of studies and submit the application with all the documentation duly translated by an official translator and legalised: A03 - Application for prior authorisation for those with degrees from foreign education systems and submission of application together with the attached documentation to the General Registry of the University of Seville.
  • View the PhD programmes available at the University of Seville.
  • Request admission to the PhD programme by applying through the Admissions Platform within the deadlines established in the registration calendar.  The general and specific documentation to be provided by the student through the admissions platform will be indicated during the completion of the application form both on the EIDUS website and in the admission application. In those cases in which the documentation has not been issued in Spanish, it must be accompanied by the corresponding official sworn translation.
    Of interest: DUA Platform Guide for applications for admission to PhD programmes.
  • The Academic Committees will decide on admission applications in two stages (provisional and definitive adjudication), within the deadlines determined by theregistration calendar
    Of interest: DUA Platform Guide for the management of applications by academic committees
  • Once the acceptance of admission to the programme has been communicated, students must register for academic supervision, within the admission period for which they have been admitted, at the EIDUS Secretary’s Office, as well as, where applicable, for the complementary training indicated by the programme's Academic Committee.
  • Excluded students will be informed of the reasons for non-admission as well as the procedure for submitting a complaint to the EIDUS Executive Committee. Students not admitted as a result of the limited number of places will be placed on the reserve list, which will be managed by the programme’s academic committee.

Required documentation

  • Photocopy of DNI, NIE (or if not available, Passport for foreign students).
  • Copy of the degree with which you are accessing  the PhD studies and transcript of academic records.  Foreign students from outside the EHEA who do not have a degree officially approved or declared equivalent to the academic level of Master/Doctor must request the prior authorisation from the Rector of the University of Seville by submitting the application for prior authorisation and the certificate of accreditation of studies
  • Accreditation of previous official university Studies (Undergraduate and Bachelor’s degrees, Certificate of Advanced Studies, etc.). The certificate of previous studies (or proof of payment of issuing fees) and a transcript of academic records will be required.
  • Supporting evidence to qualify as a part-time student. In the case of students requesting recognition of special academic needs, form A07 - Application for students with special academic needs must be duly completed and signed
  • Specific documentation required by the PhD programme’s academic committee

*All documentation (general and specific) must be attached by the interested party in their application for admission through the PhD Studies Admission Platform within the admission application period established in the academic calendar.