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PhD Degree

The PhD Degree, as an official degree valid across Spain, will be awarded by the University of Seville to all PhD students whose PhD thesis has been approved in accordance with these regulations.

The title of “PhD Graduate of the University of Seville” will be issued in the name of the King by the Rector of the University of Seville, in accordance with current legislation, and will include the information required in accordance with current legislation in relation to the awarding of industrial PhDs, international PhDs, joint degrees or joint supervision theses.

Once the process for the award of the PhD degree has been completed, the University of Seville may provide a provisional supplementary certificate that will replace the degree and will have the same value for the purposes of exercising the rights inherent to it, until such time as it is actually awarded. This certificate shall include the essential data that must appear on the corresponding degree and the number of the national register of official university graduates. It shall be signed by the Rector and shall be valid for one year from the date of issue, which may be extended if for technical reasons the University has not been able to issue the degree certificate