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Cross-disciplinary training


Internationalization of PhD Research and Transfer.

The following transversal training activity is aimed at first year PhD students. The event will take place on June 7 from 10:00h in the Assembly Hall of the EIDUS, although attendance will be through virtual platform.

The program includes two training activities:

10:00h to 11:30h - Studying the PhD at the International Doctoral School of the University of Seville (EIDUS).
This first activity will address the topic of studying for a doctorate at the International Doctoral School of the University of Seville. Regulatory aspects and the different modalities of doctorate in Spain will be discussed, including special mentions such as the international doctorate, international co-tutelage and the industrial mention.

12:00h to 14:00h - Internationalization of research and transfer during the PhD. IMFAHE Mentoring Program
The second activity will focus on the internationalization of research and transfer during the PhD. The IMFAHE Program, which aims to facilitate access to training and resources for doctoral students in Spain, Europe and the United States, will be presented. The program has hundreds of professionals in their fields of knowledge, offers collaborative projects and access to entrepreneurship awards, which encourage global multidisciplinary collaborations.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance that can be submitted for evaluation as part of the Doctoral Student Activity Document (DAD).


Investigación 2.0: la red y la difusión de la investigación M.Carmen Escámez 12 sept
Tu tesis en 3 minutos Luis García González 3 y 10 oct.
English in an academic context (vocabulary and syntax) Cristina Molinos 19-20junio
Emprendimiento. Binomio Universidad-Empresa Miguel Torres y Marina Rosales 21 sept
Protección de la propiedad industrial e intelectual Miguel Torres y Raquel Delgado 14 y 20sept
Modulo de Bioseguridad para doctorandos Angel Vilches 18-oct
Ética en ciencia para doctorandos M.Angeles Oviedo 8 y 15 nov,
Internacionalización y movilidad en doctorado+proy internac Rosario López y ElenaMartín 17 oct.
Estrategias de comunicación persuasiva para investigadores. Comunicar la actividad científica Ester Brenes 9 de oct
Elaboración, redacción y presentación de trabajos científicos. La tesis doctoral Víctor Pérez 25 set
Fundamentos de estadística y probabilidad aplicadas a la investigación doctoral Raul Falcón 26 y 28 sept
El futuro profesional del doctorando. Y después de la tesis ¿qué? Macarena Pérez e Isadora Sánchez 15 septi.

In these courses the student has to enter Aforos and apply for the course. The Ice accredits its completion if the student has attended more than 80% of its duration.


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