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Declaration of equivalence

Declaration of equivalence of a foreign higher education degree at the academic level of Doctor

The processing and resolution of applications for the declaration of equivalence of foreign higher education qualifications at the academic level of Doctor shall be governed by the provisions of Royal Decree 889/2022, of 18 October, or the legislation that replaces it. EIDUS will be the body responsible for managing the procedure and submitting the corresponding resolution proposal to the Rector, following a reasoned report from the EIDUS Executive Committee.

The procedure will be initiated by means of a request from the interested party T13 - Request for equivalence of a foreign PhD degree to the title of Doctor by the Univ. Sev., addressed to the Rector of the University of Seville, submitted to the University Registry, or any other place established in art. 16 of Law 39/2015, together with the corresponding documentation.

The presentation of the application will imply the payment of the legally established fee for equivalence of foreign qualifications and studies, proof of said payment being required for the processing of the file.

For the purposes of accrediting the granted equivalence granted, the University of Seville will issue a certificate stating the foreign degree held by the interested party and the University of origin. The aforementioned equivalence will not imply, under any circumstances, official approval, declaration of equivalence or recognition of another foreign degree or degrees held by the interested party, nor recognition in Spain at a level other than that of Doctor.

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Royal Decree 889/2022, of 18 October, establishing the requirements and procedure for the official approval and declaration of equivalence to official university degree and academic level and for the validation of foreign higher education studies, and the procedure for determining the correspondence to the levels of the Spanish framework of qualifications for higher education of the official degrees of Architect, Engineer, Bachelor’s Degree, Technical Architect, Technical Engineer and Certification of Advanced Studies.