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During their period of study on a programme, students may apply for the following types of leave:

Leave due to illness, pregnancy and other causes provided for in current regulations

Leave due to illness, pregnancy and other causes provided for in current regulations

It is possible to request that the period of authorised leave of absence be excluded from the calculation of the study period, in relation to the thesis deposit deadline. The application shall be submitted to the EIDUS Executive Committee.

Once the leave of absence has ended, the PhD student must inform the EIDUS.

Temporary leave

PhD students may apply to leave the programme temporarily for a maximum period of one year, extendable for up to one more year, for justified reasons.

The request for leave and corresponding justification will be addressed to the academic committee responsible for the programme. The committee will then make a reasoned decision on the suitability of the request and inform the EIDUS Executive Committee of its decision for acceptance and incorporation into the student’s file, after verifying that the granting of the leave by the programme’s academic committee complies with the provisions in force.

Effects of authorised leaves of absence (temporary and sick leave, pregnancy, etc.):

  • During the period of authorised leave, the student is exempted from renewing their annual registration for academic supervision, the annual monitoring of their research plan and of the PhD student’s activity document and, where applicable, from requesting an extension. The PhD student will have to meet all these obligations once again at the end of the authorised leave of absence.
  • Once the leave of absence has ended, the student must resume their obligations relating to the programme’s PhD training and the development of their research plan.
  • Failure to complete training activities required by the programme and failure to update the research plan during a period of authorised leave will not be taken into account in the annual assessment of the PhD student. In this case, the academic committee will adjust the assessment of the PhD student to the period during which they have been registered on the programme.

  Permanent withdrawal from the PhD Programme

Causes for definitive withdrawal from the programme include the following:

  • Express communication, in writing, from the PhD student to withdraw from the programme definitively, addressed to EIDUS management, who will duly inform the programme’s academic committee.
  • The expiry of the terms established for the duration of the studies in each study mode according to the provisions in force.
  • An unfavourable annual assessment in the two assessment rounds
  • Non-renewal of the annual registration for academic supervision, except in cases of temporary leave or leave due to illness, pregnancy and other causes provided for in current regulations.

More information

  • Arts. 44 to 47 of the Regulations on PhD Studies (Agreement 6.1/CG 23-7-19).