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Extensions of the permanence period

  • Before the end of the term, counting from the date of enrollment of the doctoral student in the program until the date of deposit of the doctoral thesis, according to the student's permanence regime, if the application for deposit of the thesis has not been submitted, the Academic Committee responsible for the program, at the request of the doctoral student, may authorize an extension in the doctoral program.
  • The doctoral student will request the extension before the academic committee of the program, which, within the limits of the current regulations, may grant the extension, with a favorable report from the tutor and thesis advisor.
  • Obtaining the extension will be a prerequisite for submitting the application for the academic supervision of the thesis in the following academic year.
  • Failure to request the extension, as well as the denial of the requested extension, will be cause for definitive withdrawal from the program.

Submission deadlines

Students who find themselves in any of the situations described in the previous paragraph, and have not deposited their thesis within their term of stay, must request an extension. The calculation of the period of permanence, always according to the regime of dedication, will begin for each student on the date of formalization of the first registration of academic supervision (date of issuance of the first receipt) in the Doctoral Program in which he/she was admitted.

The deadline for the deposit of the doctoral thesis can be consulted in the Virtual Secretariat of the University of Seville (SEVIUS):

Procedure for request, report and granting/refusal of the extension

The PhD student will make a request that must be reviewed by the tutor and the supervisor(s), after which the academic committee of the programme, in view of the reports, may grant or refuse the extension: Annex 1: Extension Requests

In the event of an unfavourable report or refusal of the extension, it will be essential to indicate the reasons for the decision, together with a reasoned report in the documents intended for this purpose: Annex 2: Reasoned unfavourable report from the tutor/supervisor and  Annex 3: Reasoned unfavourable report from the academic committee