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Second annual monitoring assessment (PI and DAD) for academic year 20/21

The programme’s academic committee will assess the research plan (PI) and activity document (DAD) on an annual basis, together with the reports issued by the tutor and supervisor.

Primer plazo de adjudicación y matrícula

Extraordinary PhD Awards

Each year, the University of Seville will grant extraordinary PhD Awards as honorary mentions to PhD Graduates who have defended their PhD thesis in the academic year prior to each announcement and who meet the other requirements established in the Regulations for PhD Studies (Agreement 6-1/ GC 23-7-19)

Tesis en 3 Minutos

The Three Minutes Thesis 3MT® competition aims to foster research communication and dissemination skills, where PhD students are challenged to communicate the most significant aspects of their research work to a non-specialist audience in just 3 minutes. This involves an oral presentation in which PhD students must explain their research, making it accessible to a non-specialist audience, using language appropriate for this purpose of dissemination

IMFAHE International Mentor Programme

The University of Seville and the International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education (IMFAHE), together with a dozen European universities, have created an Innovation Network that enables national and international interaction of outstanding teachers and students with other international professionals, with the aim of increasing educational excellence and multidisciplinary collaborations. In this sense, the selected PhD students from the branches of Biomedicine, Engineering and Behavioural Sciences will be able to be advised by bilingual mentors, professionals from leading universities and companies across the United States, Europe and Asia, in their professional development. In addition, selected students and teachers will be able to interact on the online talent platform, with hundreds of professionals in their fields of knowledge, propose collaborative projects and access entrepreneurship awards, which encourage global multidisciplinary collaborations.